Women's Ministry

We believe that an effective women’s ministry includes loving, redeeming, and shepherding God’s people.  

In order to learn to be one with the Lord, we know that we need to be one with one another.  We do that by learning about each other, helping each other, and taking joy in each other.  Putting others first helps us learn to put God first and foremost.

We believe that an effective women’s ministry includes loving, redeeming, and shepherding God’s people.  We realize that as we shepherd women, we impact far more than just their lives alone.  We have the ability to impact their marriages, their families, and their neighborhoods. Ultimately, we can impact an entire culture.

Our Women’s Ministry touches lives in a number of ways.


Believers seeking to grow in Christ are welcome to join a women’s Bible study group.  These groups are small and provide a comfortable and safe environment in which participants can get to know others and can find out more about how God’s Word applies to their lives. One-on-one mentoring relationships are also an important discipleship ministry.


Somehow, when women get together, relational events get organized!  Through service and fellowship we often find holidays get planned and new friendships are made and deepened.


Right in there with fellowship events, developing connections through communication is a natural part of women’s ministry.  We keep in touch with each other through phone calls, e-mail, and cards of encouragement. 


In our efforts to go deep relationally with one another, we are learning to share our knowledge and our possessions with one another.  Women’s Ministry hosts My Sister's Closet. An annual event where thousands of items are given away to those in need from clothing, technology, housewares and furniture at no cost. 

Each Thursday the Church hosts Bountiful Blessings to help provide meals, food, and hygiene items to area families in need. Once a month, the church leadership hosts a meal and prayer with these families.